CLOUD29’s offerings enable your clients to work anywhere, on any device, and with peace of mind that their data is always secure.

They can run their entire business in the cloud, either as a remote application, on a remote desktop, or through a web browser and all on their favourite device such as a pc, tablet or smart phone.

Our core product groups include Hosting, Communications and Services.







Provide your clients with unlimited Cloud hosting services for their business.

  • Cloud Apps and Desktops :
    Run your entire business in the cloud, with features including ransomware mitigation, backups, disaster recovery, full datacentre-side firewall protection and more.

  • Hosted Servers :
    Host any application at any size, adding on RAM/CPU and storage as and when needed with our flexible packages. Includes backups, disaster recovery, security and redundancy – truly world class hosting.

  • File Sharing:
    Store and share your files from any device, with backups, synchronisation, full control over file access and full PoPIA compliance. It’s as easy to use as any file sharing drive or box you currently use, but it’s properly designed for your business and comes with all the necessary accessibility and security features to keep your data safe.  







Voice and email solutions that offer your client security, customisation and accessibility.

  • Hosted Exchange :
    Host your clients’ Microsoft email data with our secure, managed service, accessible from anywhere and synchronized across all devices.

  • Mimecast:
    As a leader in enterprise information archiving, Mimecast’s solutions include:

    Cloud Archive: Providing tamper-proof archiving that retains your original email and metadata, which users cannot delete either intentionally or by accident.  The archive is stored within South Africa to further ensure PoPIA data sovereignty compliance.

    Security: Mitigating against ransomware, impersonation and phishing attacks, and includes all spam and antivirus protection that you would expect. 

    Continuity: Keeping your email flowing if your on-site Exchange server is unavailable, offline or being migrated.

  • Coming Soon :
    VoIP technology (Voice over Internet Protocol) allows your clients to communicate with voice and multimedia over the internet, with a provisioning portal for each partner, custom-branded invoicing and the ability to set your own call rates.







Fully managed services.

Our managed services give your client direct access to our unlimited 8x5 remote support, 24x7 monitoring, maintenance, anti-virus solutions and more.

Options include:

  • Remote Managed Desktops

  • Remote Managed Servers

Experience the freedom of the cloud today and start reaping the benefits for your business.

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